Negro Scouts
During this presentation, our poems and stories talk about the least known black heroes of the Old West, the Scouts.  They start with the mountain man, Jim Beckwourth, and move on to the great Negro Scouts like Frank Grouard and Brett Johnson.

None of the Negro Scouts made more of an imprint in history than the famous Seminole Negro Indian
Scouts.  It was said that these men could track an ant through a corn field, yet the world hardly knows their names.

Our ‘Negro Deputy U.S. Marshals’ performances can consist of the following components:

Static Displays w/pictures and text
Buckskin clothing
Historically correct weapons
Hands on objects
Time allotted for questions and answers
Our “Stories” are the most commonly asked for programs, but we can change the format of any of our programs to fit your needs.  Entertainment with historical correctness is a trademark of Barkingwater Productions, Inc.
Buffalo Soldiers
Black Trail Hands
Negro Deputy U.S. Marshals
Negro Scouts
Seminole Freedman

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