Buffalo Soldiers
From 1866 to the beginning of World War II, Buffalo Soldiers helped to write Western History.

This program will provide entertaining educational information through the use of poems and stories.  Some of the stories and poems are based on fact.  Some are about real men and some are fictional.

We try to tell some of the unknown stories and retell some of the historical facts about Buffalo Soldier heroes, such as:
Henry Flipper • (First Black Officer to serve in the US Army)

Emanuel Stance • (First Negro to win the Medal of Honor)

Augustus Walley • (First man to be offered the Medal of Honor twice, but refused to accept the second one.)

They made history during all the Indian Wars, the invasion of Mexico and the Spanish American War.

Our ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ performances can consist of the following components:

Static Displays w/pictures and text
Historically correct uniforms and weapons
Hands on objects
Time allotted for questions and answers
Horses available for outdoor performances
Our “Stories” are the most commonly asked for programs, but we can change the format of any of our programs to fit your needs.  Entertainment with historical correctness is a trademark of Barkingwater Productions, Inc.
Buffalo Soldiers
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